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5 Low Waste Grocery Shopping Tips

During the 2 and a half years Refill Goodness has existed, people regularly ask us about waste reduction in the kitchen. Majority of tips we’ve got tackle food waste and storage as solutions. According to the EPA, the United States discards more food than any other country in the world at nearly 90 billion poundsContinue reading “5 Low Waste Grocery Shopping Tips”

Low Waste Travel Must Haves – Summer Edition!

School is out for the summer, the sun is in full swing and now is the perfect time to head on a vacation! We are highlighting our favorite essentials for your beach vacation, visiting family, camping or just a weekend getaway. Here’s our travel essentials for body care and your on the go kit! BodyContinue reading “Low Waste Travel Must Haves – Summer Edition!”

Our Favorite Sustainable Products NOT From Refill Goodness

Earth Month is here and even though we can talk your ear off about everything Refill Goodness, we don’t carry every single sustainable item you’ll ever need or want. While you’re reflecting on your waste and begin researching more environmentally friendly solutions this month, we thought to highlight our favorite sustainable brands NOT from theContinue reading “Our Favorite Sustainable Products NOT From Refill Goodness”

Earth Friendly Spring-Cleaning Essentials

Spring has finally sprung, and the light is bright on all our messes from winter, HA! But really, spring time is when folks prioritize removing clutter and giving their home a full deep clean. Today Refill Goodness will be jumping into our favorite spring-cleaning essentials including our recommended sustainable products for ridding of that extraContinue reading “Earth Friendly Spring-Cleaning Essentials”

How to Start your Sustainable Journey

It’s the start of 2022 and there’s no time like the present to start your sustainable journey. We get folks who come by the shop saying “Where do I start“? It can seem extremely overwhelming to jump into living a low-waste lifestyle. However, we are always encouraging the community that every tiny step makes allContinue reading “How to Start your Sustainable Journey”

2021 Shop Local Maryland Gift Guide

The holiday season is here and the best gifts to give are local goods! At Refill Goodness and Plastic Free QAC, we can’t stress enough to shop small to support your local community. We have curated our top shops for holiday gifts this year in the Greater Stevensville & Annapolis area. Half Full Shop –Continue reading “2021 Shop Local Maryland Gift Guide”

All About our Brick & Mortar

Refill Goodness is unique in many ways, including the way we got started. Jenn and I met a decade ago and despite the distance always made sure to make time for each other.  When the idea for the business was born, we knew we would figure out a way to make the distance work, just asContinue reading “All About our Brick & Mortar”

A Sustainable Back to School Season

Plastic free July is in our rear view mirror and August presents a new and exciting challenge: Low waste back to school shopping! Parents are projected to spend $612 dollars on average per child in 2021 during back-to-school season, according to the Deloitte survey. This number includes money spent on tech, school supplies, clothes andContinue reading “A Sustainable Back to School Season”

My Low Waste Coffee Routine

If you’re like me, you wake up and start thinking about every task you need to get done. To accomplish what seems like a never ending grocery list, caffeine is the key to fueling up for the day! My 18 year old self would spend $$$$ for coffee on-the-go during college. What I didn’t realizeContinue reading “My Low Waste Coffee Routine”

12 Simple Tips to Reduce Waste in Your Kitchen

So you’ve decided to start living more sustainably. Yay! For many, the biggest culprit of your waste lies in the kitchen. There’s food waste, single-use items, cleaning containers and plastic galore. The kitchen makes for the perfect room to start reducing your waste. Today I am sharing 12 easy steps to reducing waste in theContinue reading “12 Simple Tips to Reduce Waste in Your Kitchen”